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I Thought That Love Would Last Forever…

The death of a beloved cousin is throwing me into the primal pain described by Tennyson and Auden.

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Refugee Poem Changed Liberty’s Meaning

The poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty get us to interpret the sculpture differently than the designer intended.

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Clara Bow, the “It Girl” of the Jazz Age

Even 85 years later, actress Clara Bow, the “It Girl,” still explodes off the screen.

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Great Political Novels Not Agenda Driven

Great political novels are rich in spiritual attitude. Poor ones are agenda driven.

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Packers Screwed in Update of “The Jungle”

The locked-out NFL refs bring to mind the exploited workers in Upton Sinclair’s “Jungle.”

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Paul Ryan: No Country for Old Men

Paul Ryan’s speech before AARP brings to mind the generational conflict described in Samuel Johnson’s “Rasselas.”

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Is Mitt Like Hemingway’s Dead Leopard?

Mitt Romney resembles the dead leopard in “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” in multiple ways.

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Yom Kippur – Disordered Souls Thirsting

The spirit of Yom Kippur is captured through the harvest imagery of a Jane Kenyon poem.

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Midsummer Madness–Orioles Chasing First

In this topsy-turrvy baseball season, as in Midsummer Night’s Dream, all things are possible and the Baltimore Orioles are a game out of first.

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Why Did Vertigo Top Citizen Kane at #1?

“Vertigo” is a film about how we are driven by desire and how to achieve it is to lose it.

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School Band, Disharmony of the Spheres

Celebrating the agreement between the Chicago teachers and the city, here’s a humorous poem about school band.

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Dragon Billionaires Assaulting America

Mitt Romney’s characterization of 47% of the American public as people who won’t take responsibility for their lives signals that he is a dragon in the Beowulf mode.

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The Terrible Beauty of Political Fanatics

In “Easter, 1916,” Yeats gives us a framework for understanding the ambivalence of Muslim moderates towards protesters.

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How Right Wing Would Respond to Tess

Tess of the D’Urbervilles puts a human face on the dilemmas of rape victims. Romney/Ryan, take note.

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How Rosh Hashanah Is Like Swimming

Poet Enid Shomer describes Rosh Hashanah as a swimmer beginning on the surface but eventually sinking deep within the water/rituals.

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Calling on Beowulf in the Middle East

Middle Eastern leaders could learn from Beowulf–and so could Mitt Romney–as they deal with anti-American riots.

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Citizen Romney–Is There Anything Inside?

Mitt Romney, like Citizen Kane, is a cipher. What drives him other than a desire to appear big?

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Books That Have Shaped America

The Library of Congress names 91 books that shaped America.

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An ABC of Radical Ecology

Scott Bates’s ABC of Radical Ecology calls for us to keep fighting to save the environment.

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Murray and Serena, Unapologetic Power

Andy Murray and Serena Williams were warriors as they won the U.S. Open, bringing to mind poems by Robert Burns and Tony Hoagland.

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Should Obama Boast Like Beowulf?

Obama sells himself in a softer way than Beowulf does. is he right to do so?

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Water to Solace Our Dry Hearts

Levertov’s “Fountain” invokes the healing power of water.

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Fed, Peyton: Made Weak by Time & Fate?

Peyton Manning and Roger Federer, in the twilight of their careers, bring to mind Tennyson’s Ulysses.

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Beasts of the Southern Wild–Our Future?

“Beasts of the Southern Wild” points to the devastation coastal communities can expect from climate change.

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Election 2012: Time to Be Beowulf Strong

The current political situation calls for us to be Beowulfs.

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Syrian Violence vs. Our Humanity

Galloway’s “Cellist of Sarajevo” gives a face to the victims of violence.

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Invisible Obama, Point of Projection

Obama has had to to resist black male anger such as that described in Eliison’s “Invisible Man.”

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Self Respect through Collective Action

Novelist Rachel Kranz shows workers finding a sense of self respect through union action.

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To Beauty: A Constant Sacrament of Praise

Wallace Stevens’ “Peter Quince” mingles eroticism with spirituality.

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Stephen Strasburg as a Balzac Parable

The strange case of Stephen Strasburg–missing the playoffs if he exceeds his innings pitched limit–has parallels with the Balzac novel “The Magic Skin.”

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