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Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Here

“Sandy” conjures up for me a traumatic childhood reading experience along with a passage from “The Tempest.”

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Hurricanes Make Us All Poor, Infirm, Weak

The onslaught of Hurricane Sandy reminds us of King Lear’s storm experience.

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Mitt Minderbinder, Cynicism Unlimited

Mitt Romney would find a kindred soul in Joseph Heller’s cynical entrepreneur Milo Minderbinder.

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A Vast Unfolding Design Lit by a Risen Sun

Denise Levertov wrestled with God’s relationship to evil in the world.

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Giants Stand Tall, Defy Ezra Pound

The San Francisco Giants would make their 1960’s forebears proud.

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An Environmentalist’s Revenge Fantasy

Scott Bates proves an environmentalist’s revenge fantasy against those violating the earth.

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Steinbeck on Why the Rich Are Unhappy

Steinbeck and the Beowulf poet both point out that piling up wealth does not lead to happiness.

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What Holden Would Say about Mitt

Holden Caulfield would definitely apply his favorite word to Mitt Romney.

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Serving Students a Jane Austen High Tea

Serving my students a Jane Austen high tea made the novels come alive.

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Still Falls the (Drone-Delivered) Rain

As the U.S. steps up drone attacks, Edith Sitwell reminds us of the psychological cost to ourselves.

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Rain Soft as the Fall of Moccasins

Describing the slaughter of the buffalo herds by whites, Mary Oliver draws on Sioux religion to imagine them as not altogether gone.

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How Beowulf Can Save America – Free upload for 5 days

If you have a Kindle, beginning tomorrow (Sunday) you can upload for free How Beowulf Can Save America:An Epic Hero’s Guide to Defeating the Politics of Rage. Kindle allows authors to offer their ebooks free of charge for five days so the offer will last through Thursday (Oct. 25). Please take advantage yourself and let other people […]

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Oh, Captain! Is Jeter’s Fearful Trip Done?

Seeing “the Captain” Derek Jeter break his ankle conjures up Whitman’s “captain” poem.

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A Hunchback Dreams of Swallows

In this Scott Bates poem, a dream of flying frees us from life’s frustrations.

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Prez Keeps Head While Others Lose Theirs

Obama, taking a cue from Kipling and maybe Edward Rowland Sill, bounced back in Tuesday’s debate.

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Catch-22, Election Edition

“Catch 22” captures a number of the contradictions in the 2012 election.

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Finding Hope amidst the Growing Gloom

Hardy’s “Darkling Thrush” conjures up hope in dark times.

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Threatened by Female Empowerment

Atwood’s “Handmaid’s Tale” addresses issues raised by the Taliban shooting of a Pakistani school girl and also speaks to our abortion fights.

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Does God Hear Us When We Cry Out?

The Book of Job, Herbert’s “Denial” and an internet poem about Job’s Wife capture the language of suffering.

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Armstrong’s Heart of Darkness

One our ideal, Lance Armstrong has proved to be more like Kurtz in “Heart of Darkness.”

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Joe Biden Debates Bounderby

In last night’s, Joe Biden found himself up against a modern-day version of Dickens’ Bounderby from “Hard Times.”

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Mitt as a Jane Austen Villain

Like Henry Crawford in “Mansfield Park,” Mitt Romney is inconstant and will say anything.

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Doc, Prescribe Me a Poem

Literature as therapy, Greek tragedy as soap opera: assorted articles about lit and life.

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Is Obama in the Grip of Grendel’s Mother?

Is Obama in a funk over his responsibilities as a war president? If so, “Beowulf” has answers.

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Mitt Weaves a Tangled Web of Deceit

Mitt Romney’s “tangled web” entraps Obama and recalls Sir Walter Scott.

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Becoming Intimate with God

As George Herbert and Fiona Sampson make clear, partaking in the eucharist feat is our way of becoming intimate with God.

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Thinking beyond the Baseball Box

The film “Moneyball” helps explain this year’s extraordinary story of the Oakland Athletics.

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Poetry in a Time of Mourning

Poetry by E. A. Robinson and Edna St. Vincent Millay played a key role in my cousin’s memorial service.

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Things Fall Apart in Bishops vs. Nuns

Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” contrasts rigid and tolerant Christianity in ways that will benefit our own society.

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John Irving’s Defense of Abortion

“Cider House Rules” calls out those anti-abortion proponents who refuse to face up to the lengths to which some desperate women are willing to go.

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Playing Cards Jane Austen Style

Playing the card game in “Mansfield Park” gives students insight into the meaning of games.

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