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A Breathing Palace of Leaves

Many of Mary Oliver’s nature poems enact a version of the crucifixion and resurrection.

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Chicago’s Harpies Take Down LeBron

The thuggish way that the Chicago Bulls ended the Miami Heat’s streak recalls Oliver Wendell Holmes’s “harpies of the shore.”

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The Tragicomedy of High School Dating

“She Stoops to Conquer” captures all the pain of adolescent dating failures.

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Drones Put Heaven in a Rage

This Scott Bates poem protesting aerial killing machines could apply to today’s drone program.

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Hell Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Literature is strewn with hot hells and cold hells. A “New Yorker” article lists a number of them.

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Same Sex Marriage–Good but Not Enough

Rachel Kranz’s “Leaps of Faith” affirms same-sex marriage but questions prioritizing it over other GLBT issues.

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Life as a Stage Coach Ride

America is in many ways like the stage coach rides described by Samuel Johnson and Henry Fielding.

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Palms before My Feet

This Chesterton poems recounts Palm Sunday from the donkey’s point of view.

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The Zen of Athletic Greatness

An old Taoist poem may capture some of the seemingly effortless transcendence of the greatest athletes.

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Reading Steinbeck While Getting a Ticket

As I waited for the cop to write me a ticket, I glanced through Steinbeck’s “The Pearl.”

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It’s Spring and the Balloon Man Whistles

Here’s a delightful e.e. cummings poem to celebrate the first day of spring.

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Novels: Training Ground for Citizenship

Novels have an inherently liberal dimension in that they get us to identify with people very different from us.

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Rugged Self Reliance w/Government Help

Often those most reliant on government help spend the most time talking about self reliance.

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Jane Austen: Feminine AND Feministy

In my student’s eyes, there’s no contradiction between Austen the satirist and Austen the romance writer.

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Fleeing God (a.k.a. the Hound of Heaven)

Francis Thompson’s huanting “Hound of Heaven” captures the fears who of those who think of themselves as unworthy of love.

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Poetic Excuses for Losing at Tennis

Between the motion and the act of my tennis game falls the shadow. Translation: too much thinking.

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A 17th Century Comedy Addressing Rape

The Right Wing’s “war on women” is affecting the way my students read Aphra Behn.

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Joy Recollected: High School English

Meeting up with an old high school English teacher brought memories flooding back.

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Through WWII, My Father Carried Poetry

Literature played a major role in my father’s World War II experiences.

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“Sexual Intercourse Began in 1963”

Philip Larkin describes how the Beatles changed Britain’s social mores fifty years ago.

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The Critic Sees No Farther than Behind

Here’s a poem challenging criticism that undermines the poet.

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Out There the World Is Cruel and Loud

The Prodigal Son is a fruitful story for artist projection.

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Makin’ Jump Shots

Michael Harper’s “Makin’ Jump Shots” has echoes of escape from slavery.

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Sam Spade Gambles with the Filibuster

Is the GOP filibuster like a Sam Spade-Kasper Gutman negotiation? Is Obama like the Queen of Hearts in his drone program?

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Voldemort, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up

In terms of developmental psychology, “Harry Potter” is structured around a clash between successful and unsuccessful identity formation.

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Bloggers Confused Like Novelists of Old

Bloggers are facing confusion about rules similar to that faced by early novelists.

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Pope Retires but Keeps Perks? Hmm

Some of Pope Benedict’s retirement demands sound like King Lear’s.

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Sometimes Whites Need Voting Rights Act

Steinbeck reminds us that it is not only people of color who have had their voting rights infringed.

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The Bush of Faith Resists the Flames

Yakov Azriel’s poem on Moses and the burning bush contrasts scorching fire with nourishing faith.

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Lakers Disappoint, Time for Memories

A Garrett Hongo poem about the 1980’s Lakers allows us to temporarily forget our disappointment with this year’s team.

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My Grandson, a “Best Philosopher”

Having grandchildren has changed my perspective on Wordsworth’s “Intimations of Immortality.”

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