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Pulled into the Ring of the Dance

In her Pentecostal poem “Caedmon,” Denise Levertov describes the moment when the early British poet was filled with the Holy Spirit and learned the art of song.

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Rosh Hashanah – A Stirring of Wonder

Two poems, by Muriel Rukeyser and Denise Levertov, to celebrate Rosh Hashanah by

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The Quiet Mystery Returns

In “Primary Wonder” Denise Levertov wonders at the quiet mystery” that “there is anything, anything at all.”

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The Creator Spirit’s Deep Embrace

Denise Levertov’s “Avowal” equates opening oneself to God to opening oneself to “the Creator Spirit.”

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War in the Name of Religion

Denise Levertov, who called out Jewish complicity in the 1982 massacres by Lebanese Christians, might do the same today with Gaza.

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A Divine Stairway of Sharp Angles

Levertov uses to story of Jacob’s Ladder to describe the miracle of poetry.

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Tormented, Torn & Twisted with Doubt

In Levertov’s poem on St. Thomas, she links his doubts with that of the father of the demon-possessed son who comes to Jesus.

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What Rises So Far Above into the Light?

Denise Levertov’s poem about moving amongst tall trees becomes a meditation on life and afterlife.

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How to Imagine Peace

For Levertov, peace is made in the act of imagining it.

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I Grasp God’s Garment in the Void

For Denise Levertov, poetry and prayer run on parallel tracks.

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A Vast Unfolding Design Lit by a Risen Sun

Denise Levertov wrestled with God’s relationship to evil in the world.

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Doc, Prescribe Me a Poem

Literature as therapy, Greek tragedy as soap opera: assorted articles about lit and life.

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Water to Solace Our Dry Hearts

Levertov’s “Fountain” invokes the healing power of water.

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More Frightening than Arrest, Freedom

Levertov’s poem about Peter escaping prison confronts existential issues of freedom

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Jesus’s Momentary Desire to Step Back

Levertov focuses on Jesus’s very human moments of doubt, which serve to emphasize the sublimity of his acceptance of his humiliation and death.

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War’s Human Costs (So Rethink Iran)

Levertov’s “What Were They Like” gives us a poem that may help dampen hysteria about going to war with Iran.

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Praise the Wet Snow

In her poem about a gray October day, Denise Levertov senses “the invisible sun burning beyond.”

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A Shimmering of Wind in the Blue Leaves

In her poem “Of Being,” Denise Levertov believes that mystery of creation outweighs the “looming presences” of great suffering and fear.

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Finding Resolve in the Face of Brokenness

As oil continues to gush unabated into the Gulf of Mexico and as blame (never self blame) gushes from the mouths of company executives in Congressional hearings, we start to see more clearly the results of Dick Cheney’s attacks on oil company regulation. We are at a strange juncture with nature. On the one hand, I […]

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