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Act in All Things as Love Will Prompt

My lectures on Flannery O’Connor, James Baldwin, Shakespeare and Sophocles all seem to track back to Lent these days.

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Flannery O’Connor on Lenten Despair

Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” works as a powerful Lenten meditation upon doubt and salvation.

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The Good Ol’ Boy That Conned America

Flannery O’Connor “Good Country People” may help us understand why America got taken in by the man getting sworn in as president today: Donald Trump conned people whenever he caught them feeling superior to him.

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Entering a Brave New Trumpist World

In which I reflect upon my students’ shock upon Donald Trump’s victory. Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man” and Flannery O’Connor’s “All That Rises Must Converge” figure into the discussion.

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O’Connor’s Christianity and Racism

“Artificial Nigger” can be read two ways–either as a story of sin and redemption or as a story of Whites finding unity by scapegoating Blacks. A definitive interpretation may depend on readers’ reactions.

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A Good Faith Is Hard To Find

Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” is a profound meditation on doubt and faith.

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Flannery O’Connor’s Dislike of Ayn Rand

Flannery O’Connor couldn’t stand Ayn Rand. With good reason.

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Broken in Pieces All Asunder

Flannery O’Connor, like George Herbert, found her Christian faith regularly challenged by deep despair.

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Top 10 Hellish Child-Parent Relationships

Top 10 Literary Parent-Child Relationships from Hell.

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Tea Party Racism and Flannery O’Connor

To understand Obama derangement and the government shutdown, Flannery O’Connor’s short story “Artificial Nigger” is a good place to start.

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Belichick and Saban: Infernal Machines

Belichick and Saban resemble Jean Cocteau’s “Infernal Machine” and Flannery O’Connor’s Misfit.

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Good Men Are Hard to Find

Hurricane Sandy bringing us together is like the killer in Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” spurring the grandmother’s epiphany.

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Elated? Depressed? This Lit’s for You

Lit to caution election night winners and bolster election night losers.

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Let He Who Is without Sin Judge Others

Spiritual Sunday Jackie Paskow, a former colleague from the Foreign Language Department, recently mentioned to me a Flannery O’Connor story that had made an impact on her. We normally visit the Paskows on Sunday evenings—Alan is my friend who has cancer—but as we are out of town for the week, I thought I’d send her, […]

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Post Football Season Blues

Sports Saturday For American football fans, February is the cruelest month. Suddenly there are no Sundays to look forward to anymore. Suddenly there are no players or coaches or owners to excoriate. Suddenly there is, well, emptiness. It may be pushing it, but for me, the feeling is captured by a 1960’s Flannery O’Connor story. […]

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