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Women Battling the Marriage Plot

Although men got the quest plot while women were relegated to the marriage plot in the 18th century, a number of women writers found imaginative ways to circumvent it. Among these were Aphra Behn, Eliza Haywood, and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.

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10 Memorable Poetic Pick-Up Lines

10 memorable pick-up lines from poetic greats. Try them at a bar near you.

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In April, Frogs Shout Their Desire

In this Mary Oliver poem, frogs shout their desire and people aren’t far behind.

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Sexual Misconduct in the Classics

A sexual misconduct course required of all employees got me thinking of problematic situations in the books that I teach.

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Ray Rice, John Wilmot, & Macho Culture

Ray Rice’s fury at his fiancé, like John Wilmot’s distrust of women, shows his inability to move from the world of men to that of women.

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Bush’s Legacy: “Setting Aside 9-11…”

Conservative defenses of Bush’s record on counter-terrorism–“setting aside 9-11…” –call for Jane Austen’s exquisite irony.

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Armstrong, a Knave of the First Rate

John Wilmot would label Lance Armstrong as a “knave of the first rate” for his doping and bullying.

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Wilmot Understands Our Gun Obsession

John Wilmot would understand the obsession of America’s gun extremists.

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Obama as a Toni Morrison Character

Perhaps some of the conservative antipathy to Obama is because he is seen as just taking over when he promised to work for social justice.

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The Horror of Sex without Love

Sex without love, the subject of several sex comedies this past summer, was also an issue explored by poets and playwrights in the British Restoration.

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Bawdy Poetry and Male Insecurity

John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester  Once again the poetry of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, is proving to be a jolt to my students. I always start my course “Couples Comedy in the Restoration and 18th Century” with this 17th century libertine, and the poetry does not hold back. Rochester freely uses the “f” word, […]

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