Celebrate! The Month of Fasting Is Come

Ramadan fasting

Spiritual Sunday

Ramadan begins this evening so I once again turn to Rumi for an appropriate poem. In “Celebrate! The Month of Fasting Has Come,” Rumi compares the Ramadan fast to a friend, an intoxicant, a Sultan, “a beautiful fortune,” a secret illumination, a plentiful harvest, a silk outfit, and a troop of courageous soldiers. He also talks about the ecstasy of fasting, which he says causes one to lose one’s mind so that one blisses out looking at the moon as one’s hat falls off. The Sahur meal mentioned in the poem is the breakfast one eats before each day’s fasting begins. Shems of Tabriz is Rumi’s close friend and spiritual companion.

Celebrate! The month of fasting has come.
Pleasant journey to the one

Who is the company of the fasting.
I climbed the roof to see the Moon,

Because I really missed fasting
By heart and soul.

I lost my hat while looking at the Moon.
the Sultan of fasting made me drunk.

O Muslims, I have been drunk
since that day I lost my mind.

What a beautiful fortune fasting has.
What a wonderful glory.

There is another secret moon
Besides this one.

He is hiding in the tent of fasting
Like a Turk.

Anyone who comes
To the harvest of fasting in this month

Finds the way to this Moon.
Whoever makes his face

Resemble pale satin
Wears the silk clothes of fasting.

Prayers will be accepted in this month.
Sighs of the one fasting pierce the sky.

The person who sits patiently
At the bottom of fasting’s well

Owns the love of Egypt, like Joseph.
O the word which eats the Sahur* meal,

Be silent so that anyone
Who knows fasting will enjoy fasting.

Come, O Shems, the brave one of whom Tebriz is proud.
You are the commander of fasting’s soldiers.


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