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The Return of King James

Lebron’s return to Cleveland is like Odysseus’ return to Ithaka.

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Miami Heat Stymied by Heat

The Miami Heat were beaten by a heat-assisted San Antonio team in the first game of the playoffs. Here’s an H.D. poem about heat.

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Titanic Struggles, on the Court & at Home

This moving David Rivard poem shows how a moment in basketball can symbolically capture a contentious father-son relationship.

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For Sterling, Waves Came Crashing In

Collective player anger may have led to the NBA’s harsh punishment for Clippers owner Don Sterling. Lucille Clifton has a poem about the power of collective black action.

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NBA Playoffs: Daphne Chases Apollo

Like the topsy-turvy forest in “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the NBA playoffs are witnessing strange reversals.

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Asphalt Court Dreams

Asphalt court basketball players dream of the spotlight.

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The Zen of Basketball

Imagine a groups of Zen Buddhists playing basketball.

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The Call of the Steel Hoop

Celebrate March Madness with this “transcendent moment in sports” poem.

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Lebron James, Poetry in Motion

A Kent Cartright poem to celebrate Lebron’s 61 points.

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The Spurs as Auden’s Unknown Citizen

The San Antonio Spurs as so perfect that they’re boring–like Auden’s “Unknown Citizen.”

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Spurs’ Ball Movement Like a Poem

A Robert Herrick poem describing a woman’s silks also describes the San Antonio Spurs’ ball movement.

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Lebron Explodes for Epic Performance

Lebron’s third quarter explosion against Indiana on Thursday night was Homeric.

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Hobbits against Spiders in the Playoffs

The Heat-Pacers NBA series is like Sam Gamgee fighting Shelob in “Lord of the Rings.”

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Nostalgic for Fluid Basketball

With a lackluster NBA playoffs, I find myself thrown back on my memories. A Fairchild poem understands how I feel.

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Will Kevin Durant Suffer Akhilleus’s Fate?

Kevin Durant is like Akhilleus. In more ways than one.

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Horror Steps onto the Court

The horror of witnessing Kevin Ware’s horrific basketball injury reminds me of a moment of comparable horror in Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues.”

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Chicago’s Harpies Take Down LeBron

The thuggish way that the Chicago Bulls ended the Miami Heat’s streak recalls Oliver Wendell Holmes’s “harpies of the shore.”

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Makin’ Jump Shots

Michael Harper’s “Makin’ Jump Shots” has echoes of escape from slavery.

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Lakers Disappoint, Time for Memories

A Garrett Hongo poem about the 1980’s Lakers allows us to temporarily forget our disappointment with this year’s team.

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Beauty Is a Perfect Fast Break

Edward Hirsch’s “Fast Break” captures the seamless beauty of a perfect fast break.

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LeBron Toys with Foes as Gods with Lear

Lebron James is to opponents as the gods are to King Lear.

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“Hunger Games” a Key to LeBron’s Win

LeBron James may love “The Hunger Games” because he sees in it his own struggles with the NBA.

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Epic Poetry, King James Version

Through his nickname, Lebron James invites associations with the King James Version of the Bible.

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Rajon Rondo, Glorious in Defeat

Rajon Rondo’s remarkable but ultimately wasted performance against the Miami Heat is like William Wallace’s glorious defeat in “The Scottish Chiefs.”

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On Kobe and Aging

Sherman Alexie wonders what will go through Kobe Bryant’s mind when he finds himself dominated by a younger player. This past week, we saw it happen.

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March Madness, Frisbees, and Spring

In this Scott Bates poem, the poetry of basketball is surpassed by the poetry of frisbee throwing.

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Jeremy Lin Speaks Out Loud and Bold

See explosive Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin appear from nowhere brings to mind the Keats poem “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer.”

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James as Telemachus to Wade’s Odysseus

Lebron James is not the king but the sidekick, not Michael Jordan but Scottie Pippen. In literary terms, he is not King Odysseus but Prince Telemachus. His teammate Dwyane Wade is the king of the franchise.

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Bulls vs. Heat, a Homeric Battle

I designate the Miami Heat as the Greeks in Homer’s Iliad. After all, they represent a kind of dream team, kings from different city states coming together to seek glory. The Bulls are like the Trojans in that they have only one top-tier fighter. Derrick Bell is their Hector.

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Chicago’s Roman de la Rose

What’s in a name? Would Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose by any other name smell as sweet?

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Before Michael There Was No GAME

By capturing a player as unpredictable as Michael Jordan within a verse form as rigidly formatted as a sestina, poet Jay Spoon makes it appear that “his airness” operated to the dictates of a higher law. Within the rigid confines of the boundaries of the court and working to deposit a round rubber ball within a small metal rim 12 feet above the floor, Jordan made magic happen.

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