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Trump, a Kane-Type Narcissist

Citzen Kane, Trump’s favorite film, brilliantly captures a narcissist. Margaret Atwood and Sylvia Plath also have things to say about narcissism.

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Like Citizen Kane, Trump Lacks Substance

Why is “Citizen Kane” Donald Trump’s favorite film? Perhaps because he likes the way that the film glamorizes a narcissist like himself. We need to be careful about falling into this fascination, however. Such people make neither good journalists nor good presidents.

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Donald Trump as Citizen Kane

Donald Trump’s favorite film is “Citizen Kane.” Is he drawing on Kane’s campaign for governor in his demonization of Hillary Clinton?

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Why Did Vertigo Top Citizen Kane at #1?

“Vertigo” is a film about how we are driven by desire and how to achieve it is to lose it.

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Citizen Romney–Is There Anything Inside?

Mitt Romney, like Citizen Kane, is a cipher. What drives him other than a desire to appear big?

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Citizen Murdoch Anti-Elitist? Think Again

Since the Rupert Murdoch scandal broke, a number of commentators have compared the media magnate to Charles Foster Kane of Orson Welles’s 1941 classic. The parallel casts light on one of Murdoch’s most galling claims: that he is anti-elitist.

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Kane: Sunny Pleasure Dome, Caves of Ice

Film Friday I’m teaching Citizen Kane currently in my American Film class and am struck, once again, by the influence that Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan” had on the movie. My father and I tried to make this case in an article that we wrote on Citizen Kane a number of years back (described here), and while the editors […]

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The Greatest Generation’s Citizen Kane

Charlie Kane sold to a bank  Film Friday Several weeks ago I wrote about the impact that the movie Citizen Kane had on my father in the months before he was drafted into the army in 1942. I was so fascinated by his response that I collaborated with him on an article about what Citizen […]

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Fiery Speech in a World of Shadows

Film Friday I owe my love of film to my father, who for years ran the “Cinema Guild” at the University of the South/Sewanee. When I wrote two weeks ago about Meet Me in St. Louis, my father talked about seeing the film as a G. I. in Europe.  “We saw the film as directed […]

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