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To Win Ohio, Read the Rabbit Books

Updike’s “Rabbit” novels hold a key to understanding the independent voter.

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Everyone Has a Place at the Table

Tobias Smollett’s depiction in “Humphry Clinker” of different perspectives on social change is relevant today.

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An Austen Romance for Dems and GOP?

It proved easy to apply the election to Toni Morrison and Jane Austen in my classes.

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Morrison’s Novel Shaped the President

“Song of Solomon,” one of Obama’s favorite books, yield important insights into him and his African American supporters.

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Elated? Depressed? This Lit’s for You

Lit to caution election night winners and bolster election night losers.

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Lit Options for Election Day Defeat

Responding to election day loss, will we be calm like Henry Fielding or in agony like Grendel?

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Wanted: Beowulf Strength vs. Extremism

“Beowulf” teaches us that rewarding extremism encourages rather than moderates it. The GOP should not therefore be rewarded with the presidency.

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Riveted by Competing Campaign Narratives

Political campaigns have come to be seen as competing narratives, providing those who understand fiction with special insight.

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Pinning Down Protean Politicians

In his evasiveness and malleability, Romney resembles the Greek sea god Proteus.

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Beowulf for Four More Years

Obama’s journey over the past four years has been Beowulf’s journey, both in its high points and in its low.

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Mitt Minderbinder, Cynicism Unlimited

Mitt Romney would find a kindred soul in Joseph Heller’s cynical entrepreneur Milo Minderbinder.

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An Environmentalist’s Revenge Fantasy

Scott Bates proves an environmentalist’s revenge fantasy against those violating the earth.

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Catch-22, Election Edition

“Catch 22” captures a number of the contradictions in the 2012 election.

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Mitt as a Jane Austen Villain

Like Henry Crawford in “Mansfield Park,” Mitt Romney is inconstant and will say anything.

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Is Obama in the Grip of Grendel’s Mother?

Is Obama in a funk over his responsibilities as a war president? If so, “Beowulf” has answers.

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Dragon Billionaires Assaulting America

Mitt Romney’s characterization of 47% of the American public as people who won’t take responsibility for their lives signals that he is a dragon in the Beowulf mode.

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How Right Wing Would Respond to Tess

Tess of the D’Urbervilles puts a human face on the dilemmas of rape victims. Romney/Ryan, take note.

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Citizen Romney–Is There Anything Inside?

Mitt Romney, like Citizen Kane, is a cipher. What drives him other than a desire to appear big?

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Should Obama Boast Like Beowulf?

Obama sells himself in a softer way than Beowulf does. is he right to do so?

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