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Thinking beyond the Baseball Box

The film “Moneyball” helps explain this year’s extraordinary story of the Oakland Athletics.

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Clara Bow, the “It Girl” of the Jazz Age

Even 85 years later, actress Clara Bow, the “It Girl,” still explodes off the screen.

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The Triumph of Hollywood’s Liberalism

Liberals appear to have won the media wars–or have they?

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Sex and the Single Pretty Woman

“Pretty Woman” captures the ideas and the spirit of Helen Gurley Brown, who died Monday.

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Sight and Sound’s “Greatest Films” Poll

“Sight and Sound’s: once-every-ten-years poll is out, and “Citizen Kane” is no longer #1.

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The Dark Knight and Adolescent Gloom

“Dark Knight Rises” confirms the younger generation’s pessimism.

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Women Still Treated as Hysterical

While an enjoyable romantic comedy set in Victorian times, the film “Hysteria” touches on issues raised by the GOP’s “war on women.”

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How Ephron Saved Romantic Comedies

Nora Ephron draw on Woody’s Allen’s “nervous comedies” to save romantic comedies.

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Supremes’ Obamacare Decision, The Film

Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare had all the makings of a Hollywood thriller.

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Men in Black 3 Embraces the Sixties

The latest “Men in Black” films takes for granted a diverse and multicultural world, set in motion by the 1960’s.

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Do Not Go Gently; Go Like Judy Dench

Judy Dench has become our current go-to actress for dignified old age.

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A Film about a Teacher Taking Chances

“Monsieur Lazar” is a film about real learning, which sometimes can only happen in spite of school regulations.

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Listen to the Music that Is All around You

In “As It Is in Heaven,” a famous conductor travels back to his childhood town and helps a church choir find the music that is in and around them.

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The Hunger Games & the Job Market

“The Hunger Games” captures how my students see the contemporary job situation.

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The Dead Return to Comfort Us

The Pedro Almodovar film “Volver” explores the longing the love will prove more powerful than death.

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Family Melodrama, Iranian Style

The Oscar-winning Iranian film “Separation” builds complication upon complication as families wrestle with difficult conditions.

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The KKK Is So 20th Century

The KKK, propelled into prominence by a cutting edge social medium, is ironically faltering because of its inability to keep up with social media.

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Putting a Human Face on Immigrants

“A Better Life” puts a human face on illegal immigrants, something the United States sorely needs.

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In “The Artist,” Silence Is Golden

“The Artist” is a feast of allusions for those who know and love Hollywood’s golden age.

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Choose, GOP: Rich Mobster or Sleazy Pimp

Columnist Jonathan Chait compares the current battle between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich for GOP voters to the love triangle in the Scorsese film “Casino.”

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Vs. Obama, Would Mitt Change Movies?

To run successfully against Obama, Mitt Romney may need to flipflop from Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street” to Edward Lewis in “Pretty Woman.”

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Jane Austen Can Change Your Love Life

“Jane Austen Book Club” makes the point that great literature can in fact change your life.

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The Mechanical Magic of the Movies

Martin Scorcese’s “Hugo” pays homage to fantasist Georges Méliès and the history of the movies.

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Braveheart Is NOT a Christmas Movie

GOP members of the House were citing “Braveheart” in their recent battle with the Senate, but “It’s a Wonderful Life” is the movie we should be talking about at this time of year.

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It’s the Pictures that Got Small

Watching movies at home makes them something other than movies.

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Can Humanitarians Stop Violence?

The Oscar-winning film “In a Better World” explores how to respond to the world’s violence in an authentic and uncompromising way.

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Feeling the Fission of a Hollywood Star

Judy Grahn sees our Hollywood stars as modern day Helen of Troys and explores their power over us.

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Is America Selling Its Soul?

The 1941 film “The Devil and Daniel Webster” is unsettling by how relevant to our current day economic crisis is its story of America selling its soul.

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Life Is So Short, Fall in Love, Dear Maiden

Akira Kurosaw’s magnificent film “Ikiru” reminds us, among other things, that when we give our lives to the betterment of our communities, we redeem our lives.

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The Horror of Sex without Love

Sex without love, the subject of several sex comedies this past summer, was also an issue explored by poets and playwrights in the British Restoration.

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