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Trump Is Gatsby (But a Lot Meaner)

Donald Trump is Jay Gatsby, albeit a Gatsby with a mean streak. Nevertheless, the rise of the character helps us understand the success of our current president.

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Workers of the World, Read! (Then Unite)

A “Washington Post” article argues that the arts are key in counteracting economic injustice. While this is true, the arts must be accompanied by smart politics to achieve this end.

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Sarah Palin as Daisy Buchanan

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, speaking for moderate Republicans who are being driven from the party, sees himself as Jay Gatsby jilted by Daisy. Sarah Palin was once his Daisy and Donald Trump could be compared to Tom Buchanan.

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Bechdel Uses Lit to Understand Her Life

Alison’s Bechdel time and again turns to literature in her memoir to understand her upbringing.

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The Super Rich: Great Gatsby Redux

Many of today’s billionaires are as paranoid as Tom Buchanan in “The Great Gatsby.”

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To Know Gatsby Is to Know America

“The Great Gatsby” is about fantasizing. Baz Luhrmann’s new film appears to understand this well.

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Lit Titles as Cocktails (“The Wasteland”)

NPR’s Studio 360 sponsored a “literary cocktail” contest. We share here some of the highlights.

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2012 Election Mirrors Great Gatsby

The Romney weekend fundraising event in the Hamptons uncomfortably mirrors the parties that occur in the Hamptons in “The Great Gatsby.”

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Santorum as Gatsby?! Okay, Humor Me

Think of the 2012 Republican primaries as “The Great Gatsby,” with Romney as Tom Buchanan and Santorum as Gatsby.

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America Encourages the Vagabond Self

Looking at the United States from the vantage point of Iran, Nafisi writes that it was America’s vagrant nature that she connected to. She writes that America “somehow encourages this vagabond self.”

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Gatsby in Iran: A Dream Betrayed

The Iranian authorities allowed Nafisi to teach “The Great Gatsby” because they regarded it as an expose of American materialism and decadence. And certainly it has that dimension. But Nafisi focused more on how the work explores the betrayal of dreams. Both countries have experience with that betrayal.

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