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Roy Cohn, Trump’s Mentor

A revival of “Angels in America” reminds us of the vicious lawyer who mentored Donald Trump. Yet the play is optimistic for all that.

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Dorian Gray Was Social Dynamite

Oscar Wilde’s accusers but him in jail, but they were right about one thing: “Picture of Dorian Gray” is social dynamite.

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Moonlight Borrows from Baraka’s “Toilet”

The powerful Oscar-winning film “Moonlight”may have borrowed one of its key scenes from the Imamu Baraka play “The Toilet.”

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Reflections on Art for Art’s Sake

The art for art’s sake movement buoyed Oscar Wilde in the 1890s, but it’s not a philosophy that works well in every age.

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Why It’s Good To Offend Students

An entering Duke student has refused to read Alison Bechdel’s “Fun House.” A professor comes partially to his defense.

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Portrait of the Lesbian as a Young Artist

Proust and James Joyce were particularly important in helping Alison Bechdel negotiate her complex relations with her father.

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Bechdel Uses Lit to Understand Her Life

Alison’s Bechdel time and again turns to literature in her memoir to understand her upbringing.

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Whitman’s Blast of Green Grace

Scott Bates’ homage to Walt Whitman tells of amorous encounters from the grass’s point of view.

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The Skater below the Ice

This wonderful Dacey poem about skating captures the other self we feel is just beyond the horizon–or beneath the ice.

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Sometimes Dreams in Novels Come True

As we celebrate the Supreme Court overturning DOMA, it’s time to revisit Forster’s novel “Maurice.”

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How Do You Like Love? All Ways

Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” is the perfect play for Valentine’s Day.

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Cruz Comes Out, the Bard Would Approve

Boxer Orlando Cruz has just come out, bringing to mind Shakespeare’s hyper-masculine gay characters.

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Stuart Little Rescues a Gay Boy

As an undersized gay child, humorist David Rakoff found a soul mate in Stuart Little.

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Dorian Gray – Guilty of “Corrupting” Youth

By expanding the way the same-sex community saw themselves, “Picture of Dorian Gray” was indeed guilty of the charges brought against it.

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The Vital Importance of Being Gay

It is possible to read a gay subtext into Oscar Wilde’s “Importance of Being Earnest.” For one thing, “Earnest” was slang for homosexual in late 19th century England, and a collection of homosexual verse entitled “Love in Earnest” was written by an Oxford classmate of Wilde.

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