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Mourning the Colts’ Loss

The Indianapolis Colts’ playoff loss brings to mind a childhood poem, “Noonday Sun,” about losing a colt. Peyton Manning can also be regarded as a lost colt.

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Win or Lose, Turn to Beowulf

Drew Brees, Super Bowl MVP     A few years back, if I remember the article correctly, I came across two interesting statistics about life in America on Super Bowl Sunday.  During the game the country’s crime drops to the lowest level of the year. Following the game, however, acts of spousal violence hit their highest levels of […]

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Coach James Caldwell, English Major

Colts Coach James Caldwell  It appears that football will continue to occupy this website until the actual playing of the Super Bowl ends our annual week of collective hysteria and allows us to move on to other subjects. (Of course, as a Colts fan I am more hysterical this year than others.) Today I’m going […]

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Colts Football Doggerel Annotated

Pierre Garcon after the Colts’ conference title win I promised an annotation for my weekend piece of doggerel in praise of the Indianapolis Colts so here it is. And while I’m focusing on such poetry, let me mention a similar endeavor that my cousin Dan Bates undertook in praise of the Boston Red Sox of […]

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Football Doggerel in Praise of the Colts

There’s no limit to the number of purposes to which poetry can be put, including a celebration of one’s favorite team.  Here’s a piece of doggerel–which is to say, light comic verse–that I’ve written in honor of the Indianapolis Colts, who will be playing in the up-coming Super Bowl.   I’ll annotate any obscure references […]

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Schadenfreude and the NFL

Brady tackled by Raven Ray Lewis        As I did in my last post on the National Football League playoffs, I am admitting to secret sentiments I’m not proud of.  It’s not enough that the player and the team I am rooting for, Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, are winning. I have been reveling over […]

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Romanticism, Classicism, and Football

Peyton Manning  Note: I owe the underlying idea for this post to a reader contribution to Stampede Blue, an Indianapolis Colts fan website.  I have combed through Stampede Blue’s archives and haven’t been able to locate the original post.  If anyone has seen it, I ask that they let me know and I’ll give proper […]

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