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Deutschland über Alles

In honor of Germany’s World Cup victory, here is the poem that serves as the foundation of their national anthem

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World Cup: Some Said It Couldn’t Be Done

The hackneyed poems of Edgar Guest actually capture the effort put forth by the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team.

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Bram Stoker’s Cure for Biting

Soccer star Luis Suarez has a problem with biting. Bram Stoker had advice for dealing with biters.

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Spain No Longer a Soccer Colossus

Spain, which once did bestride the soccer world like a colossus, has been ousted from the World Cup.

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U. S. as Prey in Most Dangerous Game?

America’s soccer squad has an unsettling resemblance to the human prey in “The Most Dangerous Game.”

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Beckham Bends It Like Achilles

In 2010 Carol Ann Duffy compared Beckham to Achilles after he went down with an injury to his Achilles tendon.

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Spanish Soccer as the Lady of Shalott

In “The Lady of Shalott,” beauty can’t stand up against the real world. By winning the European Cup, Spain showed us this doesn’t always have to be the case.

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Twice Left for Dead, Japan Claws Back

Two images came to mind as I twice watched the Japanese soccer team rebound from deficits. One was from Alain’s Renais’s film “Hiroshima Mon Amour” where we see grass clawing its way back in the city streets on the day following the atom bomb. The other was of the tortoise crossing the road in “Grapes of Wrath.”

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Cinderella vs. Jane Eyre in Soccer Final

In tomorrow’s World Cup finals, Japan is Cinderella going up against America’s Jane Eyre.

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Barcelona-Madrid Is Like Goneril-Regan

Think of the elder Lear sisters as Barcelona and Madrid and Edmund as a spot in the Champions League final. This would make Goneril Barcelona since she’s the one that emerges (temporarily) triumphant.

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Spanish Yin, Dutch Yang, and Shakespeare

The commentators called it an ugly game, but I found something compelling about Spain’s victory over the Netherlands in yesterday’s World Cup final. And after all, regardless of what happened earlier in the game, how can one argue when the winning goal–and a beautifully struck ball at that–occurs just minutes before the end of overtime? […]

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The Poetry of Spanish Soccer

The incomparable Xavi  Sports Saturday Spanish sports is having a great year. First of all, Spanish forward Pau Gasol was a major reason why the Los Angeles Lakers won their 16th championship in an archetypal series against the Boston Celtics. Then we were officially ushered from the Age of Federer into the Age of Nadal […]

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Soccer Highs and Lows and a Tennis Epic

John Isner         Sports Saturday – “It’s incredible!  You could not write a script like this!” So proclaimed the announcer in the U. S. – Algeria World Cup match when Landon Donovan netted a stoppage time goal to avoid elimination and send the Americans forward to the next round. In other words, a sports announcer’s ultimate […]

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Soccer, an Un-American Sport?

Landon Donovan, man of the match        Sports Saturday Years ago I read (I think in The Washington Post) a humorous article about why Americans are not great soccer enthusiasts.  The article said that Americans have problems with a game where a two-goal lead is practically insurmountable. Robert Frost would have something to say about that. […]

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