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Live in the Layers, Not on the Litter

Stanley Kunitz writes a variation of Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” that beautifully captures Yom Kippur themes.

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Sleeping Outdoors

Poetry adds an extra dimension to sleeping outdoors.

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The Dangerous Art of Chainsaws

I thought of Robert Frost’s poem “Out, Out” as tree trimmers took down a rotten tree by our house.

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Graded Essays Are Like Chopped Wood

If you are a teacher swamped by end-of-term essays, Frost’s “Woodpile” has some good advice for you.

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Walking Down the Saddest City Lane

In which I read Robert Frost’s “I Have Been Acquainted with the Night” as an Advent poem.

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Not Your Father’s Apple Cider

A visit to my cousins’ hard apple cider processing plant showed me that making the beverage has changed markedly since the days of John Keats and Robert Frost.

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Becoming the Land’s People Is Hard

Barack Obama in his 2016 State of the Union Address talked about the difficult task of creating an America that upholds our highest values. Robert Frost talks of the challenge in his poem “The Gift Outright.”

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A Message from the Mower in the Dew

Robert Frost’s “Tuft of Flowers” helped me grieve for my son in ways I am only beginning to understand.

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This Is the Way the World Ends

Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice” reflects upon how the world will end. Recent news of melting Antarctic glaciers says we can expect fire and ice to both play a role.

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