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What I Heard Was My Whole Self

Spiritual Sunday Today’s Gospel reading concerns Jesus’s awakening as he was being baptized by John. That moment was his own epiphany, when the membrane between the sacred and the profane was penetrated and he realized that God dwells within us (Luke 3:21-22): Now when all the people were baptized, and when Jesus also had been […]

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The Eternal Doesn’t Want To Be Bent by Us

Rilke draws on the story of Jacob and the Angel in his poem “The Man Watching.” We grow, he writes, by “being defeated, decisively, by constantly greater beings.”

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Mary’s Dangerous Request at Cana

In his poem about the wedding at Cana, Rilke sees Mary as a proud mother who inadvertently pushes her son towards his destiny by asking him to perform a miracle. On reflection, she realizes what she did.

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And a Woman Said, “Tell Us of Pain”

Is Kahlil Gibran right in seeing pain as a road to enlightenment. Or is this just wish fulfillment?

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We All Are Falling

A spiritual poem by Rilke about falling leaves.

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God Speaks to Us Before We Are

When we are plunged into our bodies, we lose connection with God. In this poem, Rilke explores how to reconnect.

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The Partner of Her Loneliness

In “She Who Reconciles,” Rilke celebrates the gentle yet empowering guest.

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The Rest between Two Notes

A Rilke poem captures the spirit of Advent when he describes his life as “the rest between two notes.”

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Read Blake, Stand Up to Your Boss

Businessman David Whyte turns to poetry to hold on to his soul in the corporate world.

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