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A Pueblo Novel with an Advent Message

Silko’s “Ceremony” is a spiritual novel about desolation and renewal.

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The World Is a Dead Thing for Them

Wednesday In recent years, conservatives have at least paid lip service to protecting the environment—after all, isn’t conservatism about conserving?—and Richard Nixon even signed the Endangered Species Act. Now, however, it appears that the Trump administration is unashamedly bent on squeezing every red cent it can out of the earth, consequences for future generations be […]

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Ten Years of Literary Blogging

Friday Unreal though it seems to me, tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of this blog. To mark the occasion, I scrolled back through the archives to see how it has evolved over the course of the decade. Although there have been a few changes (more on those in a moment), for the most part it […]

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Light & Dark Wrestle for America’s Soul

An image of darkness and light grappling for ascendency in Silko’s “Ceremony” sums up my view of America at the moment.

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Climate Change, a Witch’s Curse

Leslie Marmon Silko has an account of ecological disaster in her novel “Ceremony” (also “Almanac of the Dead” that is only too relevant.

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Climate Change Witchery

Leslie Marmon Silko’s nightmare vision of environmental destruction is being hastened by the Trump administration.

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Hummingbirds and the Life Force

Monday Happiness is watching hummingbirds feed. The two that visit our feeders—which is to say, the one that feeds and the one that gets chased away—are resplendent in their shimmering colors, reminding me of the hummingbird in Leslie Marmon Silko’s novel Ceremony. As the Laguna Pueblo author sees it, hummingbirds have a direct connection to the […]

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Homer’s Warning about Revenge Killings

What will it take to bring peace between police and black communities? Homer has a vision of such a truce at the end of “The Odyssey” but it may not be realistic.

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Resisting the Witchery of Nuclear Warfare

Today Barack Obama will be the first American president to visit Hiroshima. Laguna Pueblo author Leslie Marmon Silko has an explanation for the development of the bomb: witches.

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