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Female Intimacy in Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf may have used “To the Lighthouse” to explore the possibilities of human intimacy.

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Patmore’s “Angel,” a Dangerous Poem

Patmore’s “Angel in the House” is no longer read but it defined the domestic ideal for much of the 19th century.

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Disability: Assemble Me Piece by Piece

Allison Barrett, a St. Mary’s College of Maryland senior, shares her senior project presentation, which includes poetry and creative non-fiction to capture the experience of a disabled or non-neurotypical woman.

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The Fear of Not Reading All We Should

Many readers have they anxiety that they haven’t read all the books they should have. Bibliotherapists claim that they can offer relief.

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Prescribing Lit for What Ails Us

I had mixed feelings about a recent article in “The New Yorker” on bibliotherapy.

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How to View Prejudice in the Classics

How to handle instances of prejudice in the classics? Let the values battles fly.

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An Ideal Mother

When I think of a mother-son relationship that most matches my own, I think of Betsy Trotwood and David Copperfield.

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The End of the World As We Know It?

A number of poets have written poems about the apocalypse. But it’s always figurative, never literal.

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Trading Stories with a Sick Friend

Virginia Woolf  I have been reporting on the salons we have been holding to honor my friend and former colleague at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Alan Paskow. Alan has an aggressive cancer that has moved into his lungs, and while the outlook is not good, he and his wife Jackie (also a former colleague) […]

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