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The Fiscal Cliff as Kubla Khan’s Chasm

Our looming fiscal cliff can be imagined as Coleridge’s “deep romantic chasm” in “Kubla Khan.”

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Jesus Lies Enclosed but Fills All Place

John Donne’s poem on the Nativity shows us a way out of our imprisoned existence.

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Beckham Bends It Like Achilles

In 2010 Carol Ann Duffy compared Beckham to Achilles after he went down with an injury to his Achilles tendon.

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There Is No Friend Like a Sibling

My sons’ special friendship brings to mind Laura and Lizzie’s friendship in “Goblin Market.”

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Shakespeare Was Mandela’s Lifeline

A copy of Shakespeare’s works that circulated through apartheid-era prisons shows the Bard providing solace for the prisoners.

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Santa Claus in Narnia

Tolkien criticized the looseness of C. S. Lewis that prompted him to put Santa Claus and a variety of myth traditions in Narnia.

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No Room for Them in the (Holiday) Inn

In Scott Bates’s updated nativity scene, there is no room for Mary and Josephn in the Holiday Inn.

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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Christmas

Applying “Hichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” to the nativity scene opens up interesting perspectives on the animals that are present.

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Haunting Music of the Other World

Anne Porter shows us how “the fresh truth of children” is central to the Christmas experience.

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