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Portal Fantasies – Nadal Loses, Italy Wins

Judging by the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision and the defeats of Rafael Nadal and the German soccer team, the world passed through a strange portal this past Thursday.

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Supremes’ Obamacare Decision, The Film

Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare had all the makings of a Hollywood thriller.

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Walking a Pilgrimage, Rediscovering Trees

Walking El Camino de Santiago, a friend discovered the healing power described by David Lodge in “Therapy.”

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Lonesome Dove & Rightwing Texas Politics

Larry McMurtry identifies the looming Texas identity crisis that has to libertarian and Tea Party acting out.

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High Art, Low Art, and Murakami

Murakami’s “1Q84” seamlessly moves between high art and pop culture, complicating the issue of guilty reading pleasures.

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“100 Years of Solitude” vs. United Fruit

In a battle between Garcia Marquez’s “100 Years of Solitude” and the corporate behemoth United Fruit, the novel ultimately won.

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Acknowledging the Mysteries of Creation

Novelist Marilynne Robinson takes to task both narrow-minded scientists and narrow-minded believers and holds up fiction as a powerful road to truth.

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“Hunger Games” a Key to LeBron’s Win

LeBron James may love “The Hunger Games” because he sees in it his own struggles with the NBA.

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Austen, Gothic Horrors, and Husbands

The 2007 Masterpiece Theater version of “Northanger Abbey” plugs into themes uncovered by 20th century feminists.

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