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Parental Despair over Trump’s Orphans

Spiritual Sunday I don’t throw around the word “evil” lightly, but the Trump administration deliberately and systematically tearing children away from their asylum-seeking parents was evil. Although some of the children were still breastfeeding, Trump and his minions didn’t care enough to ensure the families could be reunited, which means that he may have created […]

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Scott Atlas, a Fieldingesque Quack

Fielding’s jabs at quack doctors in “Tom Jones” are suddenly relevant again given Trump’s approach to the pandemic.

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Trump as a Gibbering Ice Giant

For those expecting a coherent debate out of Trump tonight, check out the ice giant Nimrod in Dante’s “Inferno.” We can expect the same incoherence from the president.

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Scott Atlas’s Miracle Covid Cure

Radiologist Scott Atlas has Trump’s ear about Covid, with disastrous implications. Perhaps he thinks he’s Charles Atlas or the Atlas in “Atlas Shrugged.”

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Biden-Trump Invites Dickens Comparisons

If one thinks of the 2020 election in Dickensian terms, several novels come to mind.

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Berryman Predicted Trump’s America

Berryman’s “Dream Song 46” is an unsettling description of today’s America.

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The Soul Longs to Return Whence It Came

Richard Eberhart’s “Soul Longs to Return Whence It Came” is a meditation up death and nature.

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Glück: Teen Sex, Rape and Persephone

Louise Glück’s “Persephone the Wanderer” is a nuanced exploration of teenage sex and rape that goes in some unexpected directions.

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Lebron Held the Sky Suspended

The Lakers signed Lebron James and two years later have a championship. While some see him as a mercenary, A.E. Housman has good things to say about mercenaries.

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