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Empty Chair Makes Clint’s Day

Clint Eastwood’s argument with an invisible Obama sums up the Romney campaign.

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Paul Ryan as Mac the Knife

Paul Ryan, like Mac the Knife, lies with style.

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Thackeray Explains GOP Ingratitude

Thackeray would attribute GOP anti-government fervor to the perverse logic of ingratitude.

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Lit Titles as Cocktails (“The Wasteland”)

NPR’s Studio 360 sponsored a “literary cocktail” contest. We share here some of the highlights.

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Ellison and Obama’s Racial Tightrope Walk

Ellison’s “Invisible Man” helps us understand Obama’s and America’s, intricate dance with race issues.

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School Begins with Internment Camp Novel

Otsuka’s “When the Emperor Was Divine” excited our incoming students upon the upcoming school year.

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More Frightening than Arrest, Freedom

Levertov’s poem about Peter escaping prison confronts existential issues of freedom

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A New York Tennis Poem

Caleb Gardner’s subtle but poignant tennis poem is about more than tennis.

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The Triumph of Hollywood’s Liberalism

Liberals appear to have won the media wars–or have they?

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