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Letting Others Clean Up Afghan Mess

In Biden’s speech yesterday about withdrawing from Afghanistan, I half expected to hear him quote from “The Great Gatsby.”

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How Novels Aided the World War I Effort

During World War I, librarians sought to supported wounded men with fiction. Some preferred love stories to action adventure fiction.

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Summer’s Over, Back to School

The end of the Pooh books mourns the end of summer and the return to school.

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A Christian Attack on Toxic Masculinity

In “Sir Charles Grandison,” Richardson attacks toxic masculinity in ways that feel very modern.

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Aslan as Eco Warrior

Lewis’s Aslan is a bold creative stroke that opens up environmental possibilities for Christianity.

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Anti-Maskers Seized by a Fury from Hell

Anti-Maskers appear to have been infused by Allecto, the black fury from hell described in “Aeneid.”

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Dr. Watson Returns from Afghanistan

Dr. Watson is also a former Afghanistan War vet, with certain similarities to our own vets. The messy end of America’s involvement also recalls Kaye’s “Far Pavilions.”

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Frozen in the Ice of Indifference

The difference between politicians who care and those who don’t is the difference between Dante’s Purgatory and Inferno.

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An Endless Game, an Endless War

The Afghan War has been like the endless baseball game in Kinsella’s “Iowa Baseball Confederation.”

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