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We Have Chance the Gardener as Prez!

Trump’s recent remarks about California forest management indicate that he really is Kosinski’s Chance the Gardener.

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A Whisper Will Be Heard in the Place

Yehuda Amichai’s “The Place Where We Are Right” may help heal election bruises.

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An Incel Killer and an English Major

Maura Binkley was an English major killed by an incel killer in a Tallahassee yoga studio. Her department chair turned to Shakespeare in his grief.

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Read This Poem To Feel Better

Sheenagh Pugh’s “Sometimes” is a good poem to read if you’re feeling down.

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Refusal to Mourn a Death by Fire?!

How do we process the deaths caused by California’s Camp Fire? Dylan Thomas’s scandalously title “Refusal to Mourn” offers a way.

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“Anna Karenina” Saves a Prisoner’s Life

In an inspiring podcast, “Rough Translation” recounts how “Anna Karenina,” tapped out in morse code, saved a Somali political prisoner from madness.

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Blackburn Unsexes Herself over Guns

Tennessee Senator-elect Marsha Blackburn’s insensitivity towards gun victims invites comparisons with Lady Macbeth.

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When Will We Ever Learn?

Alfred Noyes’s “On the Western Front” challenges us to learn from our wars.

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Wilfred Owen and the Hell of War

In “Mental Cases” Warren describes, as a nightmare, veterans suffering from PTSD and other war-related mental illnesses.

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