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Ashamed of Dark Fantasies? Turn to Lit

If we have dark fantasies that we are ashamed of, one response is to turn them into art.

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The Bard Captures Old Age Perfectly

Since starting to care for aging parents, I’ve become very impressed with Shakespeare’s “the world’s a stage” speech.

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How Teachers Can Make Lit Real

The “so what” question is vital if students are to make their responses to literature real.

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The Meaning of Soldiers and Sex

My father’s tales of soldiers’ sexual experience in World War II remind me of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.”

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The Vital Necessity of Telling War Stories

To celebrate Memorial Day, listen to a veteran’s stories.

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Love Life, Say No to Christian Masochism

Tom Jones gives us a healthier vision of Christianity than that which puts all the emphasis on worldly suffering.

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Hobbits against Spiders in the Playoffs

The Heat-Pacers NBA series is like Sam Gamgee fighting Shelob in “Lord of the Rings.”

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The Iliad and Higher Ed’s MOOCish Future

MOOCs–Massive Open On-line Courses–can never teach lit as well as small classes.

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Everyperson’s Environmental E-Car

Scott Bates, cheerleading for solar power and electric cars.

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