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Pratchett Understands Amoral Enablers

For a spot-on depiction of GOP enablers of Donald Trump, check out the civic leaders in Terry Pratchett’s “Guards! Guards!”

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I Am a Part of You and You of Me

Langston Hughes provides an important and humane voice at this point in time.

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Our Embattled Health Care Workers

In Kaye’s “Far Pavilions,” the hero sees the British botching an expedition but joins them anyway. This is how I see our healthcare workers.

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Abraham Failed the Test

Rabbi Barenblat reads the Abraham and Isaac story as God wanting Abraham to push back–and then never speaking to him again after what he does.

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Trump Tilts with Reality

Trump is like Don Quixote in that both deny reality. Quixote has much more benevolent motives, however.

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Is GOP a Death Cult? Ask Tolstoy

Has the GOP become a death cult. Tolstoy’s description of suicidal behavior from Napoleon’s soldiers suggests yes.

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From God’s Breath to “I Can’t Breathe”

Wednesday This past Juneteenth I was flipping through channels and caught MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell quoting James Weldon Johnson’s “Creation.” It was a moving application of poetry to this important moment in time. Mitchell was referring to George Floyd’s plaintive cry “I can’t breathe” before he was suffocated by Minneapolis police. Johnson’s poem, she said, reminds […]

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Trump and Lear, Addicted to Praise

Trump, like Lear, needs sycophantic followers to salvage his ego. His Tulsa rally shook him because few of them showed up.

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Tate’s Dangerous Ode to the Confederacy

I find odes to the Confederate dead (such at that written by Allen Tate) more dangerous even than Confederate statues.

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