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Is Emma RGIII or Richie Incognito?

Some of the dramas in Jane Austen can also be found in the NFL.

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Prufrock Illustrated?!

An illustrated “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”? What next?!

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When Father Carves the Turkey

Carving the Thanksgiving fowl can be an adventure.

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Discovering the Bad Girl Within

My student’s project on literary bad girls looks at “Jane Eyre,” Toni Morrison’s “Sula,” and Margaret Atwood’s “Alias Grace.”

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JFK as Ancient Greek Hero

Ancient Greek literature provides us with a power lens through which to examine the John F. Kennedy assassination.

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Vonnegut’s Sci Fi, a Response to PTSD

Kurt Vonnegut’s science fiction can be seen as a way of coping with his PTSD.

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Layla Dancing in a Globe of Light

Some of the great religious poetry turns to sexual imagery to capture the ecstatic union with the divine.

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Manning vs. Brady, Hector vs. Achilles

Once again Manning and Brady square off, reminding us of Achilles and Hector.

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Looking Back to a Time When Hope Waved

Lucille Clifton’s poem on looks back to a time of hope–before the Kennedy assassination.

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