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Lettuce, E. Coli, and Deregulation

Trump’s FDA put a hold on FDA regulations designed to prevent E. coli and the result has been another outbreak. Calling Upton Sinclair.

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Did Western Liberalism Give Us Trump?

Conservative columnist Ross Douthat suggests that, to understand Trump’s rise, we look not to novels like Sinclair’s “It Can Happen Here” and Roth’s “Plot against America” and instead turn to works by French novelist Michel Houellebecq. These helps us understand the crisis of Western liberalism, which Douthat sees as the major culprit.

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Protecting Players in the NFL “Jungle”

Upton Sinclair uses a football analogy as he makes a case for workers needing workplace protections.

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Sinclair’s “Jungle” & ACA Challenges

Upton Sinclair’s “Jungle” anticipates some of need for Obamacare, along with some of the challenges it is facing.

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Packers Screwed in Update of “The Jungle”

The locked-out NFL refs bring to mind the exploited workers in Upton Sinclair’s “Jungle.”

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The NFL as Chicago Slaughterhouse

  Sports Saturday Football season has begun, with a full slate of games scheduled for tomorrow. The good news is that the seven-month drought known as offseason ends for fans of America’s most popular game. The bad news is that, once again, young men will go back to permanently damaging themselves as they fling their […]

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Life before Health Benefits: A Jungle

The Chicago Stockyards  In honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday, I am going to write about a cause that would have been very close to King’s heart and that America’s first black president has embraced: universal health care.  Like many I believe that, if we don’t pass universal health care this year, we probably will […]

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