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Scott Atlas, a Fieldingesque Quack

Fielding’s jabs at quack doctors in “Tom Jones” are suddenly relevant again given Trump’s approach to the pandemic.

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Scott Atlas’s Miracle Covid Cure

Radiologist Scott Atlas has Trump’s ear about Covid, with disastrous implications. Perhaps he thinks he’s Charles Atlas or the Atlas in “Atlas Shrugged.”

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Trump & Covid: Tragedy or Farce?

Was the Rose Garden event for Trump’s new SCOTUS pick–which became a Covid superspreader event–a Shakespearean tragedy? How about a farce?

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Spying, in Austen and at Colleges

In “Northanger Abbey,” Tilney startles us with his use of the word “spies.” Spying has become one means that universities are using to combat Covid outbreaks.

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How to Overlook 200,000 Deaths

Donne’s “Valediction: Forbidding Mourning” captures why America might be overlooking 200,000 deaths at the moment.

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Pratchett’s Ideal Teacher

Terry Pratchett describes his ideal teacher in “Thief of Time.”

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Wanted: Teachers, Not Martyrs

Some say teachers should, like soldiers, should put their lives on the line. This A.E. Housman poem brings up the question of whether even soldiers should do so when there sacrifice will be meaningless.

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Memo to Teachers: Put Lives on Line

Trumpian disrespect for school personnel–no special emphasis on safe reopening–brings to mind Kipling’s “Tommy.”

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Vote for the Best Lizard

Using lizards, Douglas Adams makes a memorable case for voting for the lesser to two evils.

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