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Jane Austen Will Cure What Ails You

Jane Austen therapy has been prescribed for war vets, London civilians under attack, and people hiding out from Covid.

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Eliot Explains Conspiracy Theories

In “Middlemarch,” Eliot gives a succinct explanation as to why people are drawn to conspiracy theories.

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Anti-Maskers Seized by a Fury from Hell

Anti-Maskers appear to have been infused by Allecto, the black fury from hell described in “Aeneid.”

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Worshipping False Covid Idols

People resisting the Covid vaccines are like the counselors in “Beowulf” worshipping false idols to ward off Grendel’s attacks.

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The Classics Represent a No Bullshit Zone

In a world where fake news threatens to bury us (and prolong the pandemic), literature represents a “no bullshit zone.”

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Flaubert Would Have Had Trump’s Number

“Madame Bovary” gives us insight into why Trump botched the Covid response.

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Joyce’s Eveline & Vaccine Resistance

Republicans refusing the Covid vaccine remind me of Eveline in Joyce’s “Dubliners.”

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Covid Dreams of Seaside Cliffs

For those feeling stir crazy from Covid quarantining, this Christina Rossetti sonnet is for you.

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Shots That Signal a Promising Future

I’ve just had my second Covid shot, which has me thinking of Alexander Hamilton’s shot in Miranda’s musical. Pip’s cautious optimism about the future also comes to mind.

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