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Kesey, Spokesman for Reactionary Men

“One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” anticipates rightwing attacks on women and people of color.

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Apparition of Unmasked Student Faces

The apparition of unmasked student faces brought to mind Ezra Pound’s famous poem.

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Rogers, Covid, and Atlas Shrugged

Quarterback Rogers’s favorite book, “Atlas Shrugged,” helps explain his Covid resistance.

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More Time Spent in the Covid Sewers

In a repost from March, I see our Covid slog as similar to Jean Valjean trudging through the Paris sewers.

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Mrs. Dalloway on Moving Past Covid

Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway” shows us how to juggle this uncertain moment in the Covid pandemic.

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Sin, Death, and a Pro-Covid GOP

As the GOP becomes a pro-Covid party, they resemble Satan in “Paradise Lost,” unleashing death upon humankind.

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A Mimeo Fable Explains Vax Foes

A Scott Bates fable captures Trumpist authoritarianism when it comes to vaccine resistance.

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Fox News and Its Crow(vid) Victims

La Fontaine’s “The Fox and the Crow” captures how Fox News is bilking its viewers.

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Jane Austen Will Cure What Ails You

Jane Austen therapy has been prescribed for war vets, London civilians under attack, and people hiding out from Covid.

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