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A Dream of Black and White Together

Spiritual Sunday My mother and I went to hear St. Olaf’s sublime choir at Sewanee’s All Saints Chapel Thursday night. (This in spite of the fact that we both attended St. Olaf’s archrival, Carleton College.) Amongst the program’s “peace on earth” offerings was an arrangement of Langston Hughes’s “I Dream a World.” I share it […]

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Light & Dark Wrestle for America’s Soul

An image of darkness and light grappling for ascendency in Silko’s “Ceremony” sums up my view of America at the moment.

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Baldwin on Making Education Relevant

Baldwin’s “Essays to Teachers” reminds them of what education should really be about.

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Many Ways To Stand Up to Racism

I share a Nikki Giovanni poem in memory of Heather Heyer, along with those who were badly injured by angry white supremacists.

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Pap Would Have Voted for Trump

“Last place aversion” accounts for white resentment of safety net programs. Huck’s father is an example of the process at work.

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Iago Trump Whispers Poison into Our Ears

Of all Shakespeare characters, Trump, driven by racial resentment and thriving on chaos, may most resemble Iago.

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For Roth, People Were Always Complex

The late Philip Roth’s novel “Human Stain” reenforced for me that humans are always more complex than ideological caricatures of them.

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Trump, Clifton, & Immigrants as Animals

Trump describing immigrants as animals is scary stuff, as this Lucille Clifton poem makes clear.

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Inspired by MLK and Lucille Clifton

To honor Martin Luther King, I share a hard-hitting but hopeful Lucille Clifton essay by a first-year African-American student who is fulfilling his dream.

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