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Using Brecht to Explain U.S. Gun Laws

Brecht has as clear an explanation as any as to why gun laws are tilted towards Whites.

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Political Solution: Dissolve the People

Brecht’s “The Solution” captures current GOP voter suppression attempts.

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Will Trump Pay? Literature Is Unsure

Will Trump escape all accountability? Literature weighs in.

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Brecht on Trumpian Democracy Attacks

Brecht has the perfect poem for Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election results.

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Wanted: Teachers, Not Martyrs

Some say teachers should, like soldiers, should put their lives on the line. This A.E. Housman poem brings up the question of whether even soldiers should do so when there sacrifice will be meaningless.

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The Real Face of Patriotism

When William McRaven asked, out of sympathy with John Brennan, that his own security clearance be withdrawn, he behaved like Brecht’s poet in “Burning of the Books.”

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Brecht on the Rejection of Refugees

 Thursday As some Americans harden their hearts against Central American immigrants, shrugging off the 2600+ children who have been separated from their parents, the six children who have died in (or immediately following) border patrol custody, and the cages in which people have been housed, we would do well to remember how in 1942 America […]

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The Danger of Normalizing Trump

Friday Recently the Washington Post reported that Trump just told his ten thousandth lie, a fact that barely raised eyebrows since we have become inured to his incessant falsehoods. Bertolt Brecht describes the normalization process in “When Evil-Doing Comes Like Falling Rain.” Imagine that you’re hearing the 10,000th lie for the first time–which is to […]

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A Poem for International Workers’ Day

Wednesday – May 1 Despite incessant GOP attacks on unions with their Orwellian-named “right to work laws,” increasing income inequality may push Democrats to aggressively push for more actual workers’ rights. I was struck that Joe Biden, in announcing his presidential bid, said he was “sick of this President badmouthing unions.” Later he tweeted, “Labor […]

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