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Biden as Dryden’s Ideal Leader

Biden’s suspense wearing thin on vaccine resistance reminds me of King David in Dryden’s “Absalom and Architophel.”

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Frozen in the Ice of Indifference

The difference between politicians who care and those who don’t is the difference between Dante’s Purgatory and Inferno.

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The Afghan Debacle, a Greek Tragedy

There’s an element of Greek tragedy in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, starting with arrogance and ending with fate.

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Putin Quoting Tolstoy? Puleeze!

Putin claimed to quote Tolstoy but didn’t in his meeting with Biden. What he says is reminiscent of Flannery O’Connor’s Misfit, however.

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The GOP’s Trojan Horse: A Coup Attempt?

The Trojans, thinking the Greeks have left, let their guard down. Are Democrats being overly complacent about the prospect of a GOP coup?

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Can Trumpists See the Real Biden?

Can one see one’s savior as a monster? The issue shows up in Hugo’s “Les Misérables” and among Republicans who demonize Biden.

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Shots That Signal a Promising Future

I’ve just had my second Covid shot, which has me thinking of Alexander Hamilton’s shot in Miranda’s musical. Pip’s cautious optimism about the future also comes to mind.

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Song of Hope: The Night Cloud Is Hueing

With the passage of the Covid relief bill and increased vaccinations, Hardy’s “Song for Hope” seems appropriate.

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Stronger in the Broken Places

Joe Biden picked the perfect Hemingway quote for his Covid address to the nation.

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