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To Fight Climate Change, Plant Gardens

Wendell Berry asserts that growing and maintaining gardens is an antidote to climate change.

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The World Will End in Fire AND Ice

When Frost wrote, “Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice,” it now appears (judging by Australia and Greenland) that everyone is right.

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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Nativity

This playful Scott Bates environmental poem looks at the nativity story and observes that we are in desperate need of a repetition.

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A Map to the Next World

Spiritual Sunday The latest news on climate change continues to be horrific as we battle through the hottest summer on record. The heat wave is hitting countries all over the world, with France at one point posting temperatures of 114 degrees. In other words, we are witnessing human impact on the earth as never before. […]

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Winter’s Assyrian Invasion

Monday When the polar vortex descended on the United States last week, the opening lines from Lord Byron’s “The Destruction of Sennacherib” came to mind. While I’d memorized the stanza in high school to learn anapestic meter (short-short-long), it captures the emotional force of extreme weather events. (Another Byron poem that does so is “Darkness”) […]

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Byron’s Climate Change Nightmare

Wednesday News about climate change grows grimmer by the month, with the latest governmental reports predicting that extreme weather events will kill thousands while devastating national economies. I therefore share today a 19th century climate change poem although, in this instance, the climate grows colder rather than warmer. In 1816 the world experienced “the year without […]

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We Have Chance the Gardener as Prez!

Trump’s recent remarks about California forest management indicate that he really is Kosinski’s Chance the Gardener.

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Befouling America’s Future

MacDonald’s “Princess and Curdie” has an apocalyptic image that captures how Trump is fouling America’s future.

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Climate Change, a Witch’s Curse

Leslie Marmon Silko has an account of ecological disaster in her novel “Ceremony” (also “Almanac of the Dead” that is only too relevant.

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