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Another Way Frankenstein Is Relevant

Friday I somehow missed this New Yorker article on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein when it appeared last year in observance of the novel’s 200th anniversary. Although anti-Trump pundits have frequently cited Frankenstein in recent years to capture how the GOP created a monster it couldn’t control (see here and here), Joan Lepore argues that the novel […]

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Brecht’s Warning for Democracies

Monday In an important debut article for the Atlantic, former New Yorker writer George Packer mentions a Bertolt Brecht poem to illustrate the threat that the GOP currently poses to democracy. The article contends that Donald Trump is the logical culmination of the Republicans’ 50-year descent into an authoritarian, white identitarian party. According to Packer, the descent […]

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The GOP & Trump’s Siren Call

Tuesday The other day I detected one of Atlantic’s excellent columnists misusing a classical analogy. I flag Ed Kilgore, not to show off, but because the analogy is indeed enlightening if used correctly. See if you can find the mistake: This would suggest that the occasional efforts by individual Republican congressmen to show some distance from […]

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Light & Dark Wrestle for America’s Soul

An image of darkness and light grappling for ascendency in Silko’s “Ceremony” sums up my view of America at the moment.

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The GOP Marries Its Monster

Shelley’s monster classic is frequently cited in political discussions, especially regarding Trump. Dr. Frankenstein, however, does not enable the monster.

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GOP Is Jake from “Lonesome Dove”

In failing to hold Trump accountable, the GOP is behaving like Jake Spoon in “Lonesome Dove,” who lacks a moral compass.

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The Trauma of Lost Privilege

Few things are more traumatic that losing one’s privileges, as Amy Tan shows in “Valley of Amazement.”

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Putin’s Seduction of Donald Trump

Think of Putin as Satan, Trump as Eve, and Adam as the GOP in a reenactment of Paradise Lost.

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Will Hollow Senators Stand Up to Trump?

If pro-choice Senate Republicans are like the hollow people described by Dante and T. S. Eliot, we can’t expect them to vote down an anti-abortion Supreme Court justice.

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