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Sly Marc Antony Resembles McConnell

The Shakespeare-in-the-Park production of “Julius Caesar” has the Right up in arms about the image of Donald Trump being assassinated. The timeliest lesson of the play, however, is the way that Marc Antony slyly slides in to take power. Think of him as Mitch McConnell quietly preparing to repeal Obamacare and deprive millions of healthcare while the nation focuses on Senate hearings.

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Lochinvar Obama Rides to the Rescue

Barack Obama has pulled off his greatest victory and has brought (near) universal health care to America.  Last night the House of Representatives approved the Senate bill, and once Obama signs the final result, universal coverage will be the law of the land.  To be sure, some drama remains.  It is understood that the Senate will amend the bill […]

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Life before Health Benefits: A Jungle

The Chicago Stockyards  In honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday, I am going to write about a cause that would have been very close to King’s heart and that America’s first black president has embraced: universal health care.  Like many I believe that, if we don’t pass universal health care this year, we probably will […]

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Obamacare to Tiny Tim’s Rescue

Paul Krugman made clever use of Dickens’ Christmas Carol in a column last week.  The New York Times columnist and Nobel prize winning economist addresses opponents of the health care bills that have emerged out of the House and Senate, arguing that progressives should be pleased, despite the bills’ limitations.  Arguing that politics is the […]

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Literature about Health Care Reform

  At present I am one of those liberals in a high state of anxiety about the prospects of Obama’s attempts to bring us universal health care.   I find myself careening through the highs of hope and the lows of fear.  I watch the political proceedings minutely, then turn away discouraged, then read some columnist […]

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