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GOP Plays the Sap for Trump

The ties to Russia involving Donald Trump and his associates are like the many reasons that Sam Spade has for finding Brigid O’Shaughnessy guilty in “The Maltese Falcon”: “Maybe some of them are unimportant. I won’t argue about that. But look at the number of them.”

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Is Bridget Kelly a Femme Fatale?

Christie’s Bridgegate scandal is beginning to look like “The Maltese Falcon.”

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Sam Spade Gambles with the Filibuster

Is the GOP filibuster like a Sam Spade-Kasper Gutman negotiation? Is Obama like the Queen of Hearts in his drone program?

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Peyton Manning and the Maltese Falcon

“The Maltese Falcon” captures the existential absurdity of Peyton Manning in a Broncos’ uniform.

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Young Idealists, Become Sam Spade

David Brooks recommends that young idealists toughen up a la Sam Spade.

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Will GOP Base Play the Sap Yet Again?

Is the Republican establishment simply exploiting its base, like Tom (in “Mill on the Floss”) exploits Maggie and as Brigid O’Shaughnessy (in “The Maltese Falcon”) tries to exploit Sam Spade?

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U.K. Tabloid Voicemail Scandal as Film Noir

According to Jack Shafer of “Slate,” the U.K. tabloid phone hacking scandal has all the elements of a classic noir, especially “The Big Sleep” and “The Maltese Falcon.”

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Sam Spade Takes on Sarah Palin

Something about Monday’s debate amongst Republicans vying for their party’s presidential nomination reminded me of Dashiell Hammett’s “The Maltese Falcon.” They are all chasing after a legendary black bird that seems to be priceless but all too often turns out to be a lead simulacrum.

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Osama, Obama, and Sam Spade

There’s something about celebrating the killing of someone, even a mass murderer, that leaves me queasy. Exploring the parallel I drew Monday between America and Sam Spade helps me get a better grip on the issue.

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On the Logic of Having Babies

In a recent post on her website, my wonderful daughter-in-law reflects on whether she and Darien will have children.  The reflection was occasioned by our Iowa Thanksgiving where she saw all of her husband’s cousins having children (and I mean all, the only exceptions being those who are in college or younger).  So Betsy compiles […]

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