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Takers vs. Makers in “Things Fall Apart”

Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” has an urgent message for us in today’s political battles.

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Defeating the White Whale of Race Hatred

With a little imagination, “Moby Dick” can be dramatized as a story about race relations.

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The Power of Political Narrative

Narrative has become more important than ever in political campaigns.

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Elated? Depressed? This Lit’s for You

Lit to caution election night winners and bolster election night losers.

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Wanted: Beowulf Strength vs. Extremism

“Beowulf” teaches us that rewarding extremism encourages rather than moderates it. The GOP should not therefore be rewarded with the presidency.

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Riveted by Competing Campaign Narratives

Political campaigns have come to be seen as competing narratives, providing those who understand fiction with special insight.

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Pinning Down Protean Politicians

In his evasiveness and malleability, Romney resembles the Greek sea god Proteus.

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Mitt Minderbinder, Cynicism Unlimited

Mitt Romney would find a kindred soul in Joseph Heller’s cynical entrepreneur Milo Minderbinder.

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What Holden Would Say about Mitt

Holden Caulfield would definitely apply his favorite word to Mitt Romney.

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Mitt as a Jane Austen Villain

Like Henry Crawford in “Mansfield Park,” Mitt Romney is inconstant and will say anything.

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Mitt Weaves a Tangled Web of Deceit

Mitt Romney’s “tangled web” entraps Obama and recalls Sir Walter Scott.

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Is Mitt Like Hemingway’s Dead Leopard?

Mitt Romney resembles the dead leopard in “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” in multiple ways.

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Dragon Billionaires Assaulting America

Mitt Romney’s characterization of 47% of the American public as people who won’t take responsibility for their lives signals that he is a dragon in the Beowulf mode.

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Citizen Romney–Is There Anything Inside?

Mitt Romney, like Citizen Kane, is a cipher. What drives him other than a desire to appear big?

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Empty Chair Makes Clint’s Day

Clint Eastwood’s argument with an invisible Obama sums up the Romney campaign.

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Thackeray Explains GOP Ingratitude

Thackeray would attribute GOP anti-government fervor to the perverse logic of ingratitude.

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Medicare Politics and Gullible Oysters

Like the oysters in “The Walrus and the Carpenter,” Americans are being lied to about GOP plans for Medicare.

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Romney and Ryan’s Gently Smiling Jaws

Romney’s call for us to trust him on his taxes and policy specifics reminds me of Lewis Carroll’s “little crocodile.”

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With Ryan as VP, Rand Seizes the GOP

With Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential choice, Ayn Rand’s novels have taken over the GOP.

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Lit Sightings in Political Op-Eds

Pundits have recently been turning to literature to comment on the 2012 elections.

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The Road Less Traveled? Nope

Perhaps some entrepreneurs need to believe their success is solely due to their own efforts, as Bounderby, Willy Loman, and the speaker of “The Road Not Taken” do.

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Romney’s Appointment in Samarra

“Appointment at Samarra” and “Things Fall Apart” help explain why Mitt Romney is so inept on the campaign trail.

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The Rich Are Different from You and Me

Fitzgerald’s insights into the rich help us understand Mitt Romney (and John F. Kennedy also).

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2012 Election Mirrors Great Gatsby

The Romney weekend fundraising event in the Hamptons uncomfortably mirrors the parties that occur in the Hamptons in “The Great Gatsby.”

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Mitt Romney and Looking Glass Politics

To understand Mitt Romney’s lying, look not to “Pinocchio” but to “Alice through the Looking Glass.”

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Mitt’s Favorite Book: Sci Fi Nostalgia

Mitt Romney’s favorite novel, “Battleship Earth,” is a throwback to an America that no longer exists.

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Lit Explains Romney’s Off-Putting Laugh

Lewis Carroll, Kundera, and Dostoevsky help us understand why Mitt Romney’s laugh makes us nervous.

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The Rape of John Lauber’s Locks

The high school incident where Romney forcibly cut a classmate’s hair is less “Lord of the Flies” and more “Rape of the Lock.”

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Why Can’t Mitt Fake Authenticity?

Klaus Mann’s novel “Mephisto” applied to Mitt Romney gives us insight into whether can give a strong presidential performance while being inauthentic.

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Santorum as Gatsby?! Okay, Humor Me

Think of the 2012 Republican primaries as “The Great Gatsby,” with Romney as Tom Buchanan and Santorum as Gatsby.

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