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Johnson: Read the Bard, Not Tom Jones

I share the Samuel Johnson chapter from my book-in-progress.

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Will Trump Pay? Literature Is Unsure

Will Trump escape all accountability? Literature weighs in.

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Scott Atlas, a Fieldingesque Quack

Fielding’s jabs at quack doctors in “Tom Jones” are suddenly relevant again given Trump’s approach to the pandemic.

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Covid Costs Us Loved Ones’ Final Words

Among the many tragedies related to Covid is how family and friends are missing out on final words. Many literary works touch on the importance of this last encounter.

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Knives Out and the American Dream

The movie “Knives Out” is satisfying but leaves unquestioned the American Dream.

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Caution against Purity Policing

Monday One of my conservative readers wrote me recently asking me how I felt about leftist insistence that Virginia governor Ralph Northam resign for having posted a racist picture in his medical school yearbook years ago. After all, hasn’t Northam lived a fairly exemplary life since then? The reader also sent me a Quillette article […]

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Henry Fielding Explains Witness Flipping

Fielding shows a classic case of a witness flipping on his boss in “Tom Jones.” As a magistrate, he knows what he’s talking about.

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If Fielding Had Written about Trump

Henry Fielding would have had a field day writing about America’s president.

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Update on My Heart Condition

I now have a possible explanation for last week’s heart episode. Henry Fielding’s “Tom Jones” helped lead me to it.

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