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The American South, Trapped in the Past

The reactionary South is like Emily in Faulkner’s story, clinging to a dead love while the world moves on.

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A Millennial Reads Jane Austen

In this millennial’s reading of Jane Austen, she is somewhere between feminine and feministy.

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Takers vs. Makers in “Things Fall Apart”

Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” has an urgent message for us in today’s political battles.

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Sweethearts Now Cleared for Combat

Tim O’Brien’s Vietnam War story about a woman who goes rogue has things to teach us about the recent suspension of the Pentagon ban on women in combat.

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First Snowfall, A Moment of Grace

For Mary Oliver, the season’s first snow fall raises existential questions and then answers them in its own way.

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Armstrong, a Knave of the First Rate

John Wilmot would label Lance Armstrong as a “knave of the first rate” for his doping and bullying.

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Wilmot Understands Our Gun Obsession

John Wilmot would understand the obsession of America’s gun extremists.

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No Longer Rolled by the GOP

Like Ellison’s Invisible Man, Obama may have started off naive but he’s wised up.

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Why Roe v. Wade? Read “Cider House”

John Irving shows the horrors that can happen when abortion is not available.

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Obama’s Star, Beowulf’s Sword

Obama’s “star that guides us”–the ideals in “The Declaration of Independence”–are, in “Beowulf,” the sword used to kill Grendel’s Mother.

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Inauguration Poet, Classic Immigrant Story

Richard Blanco’s poem “América” shows that he is well chosen as this year’s inauguration poet.

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Toasting with the Wine of Cana

Richard Wilbur cites the wedding of Cana in his own wedding toast.

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Belichick and Saban: Infernal Machines

Belichick and Saban resemble Jean Cocteau’s “Infernal Machine” and Flannery O’Connor’s Misfit.

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Poetry Is Stupid (But Will Save Your Life)

Reading poetry is a life insurance policy for when things go bad, Housman tells us.

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Only Comic Satire Can Do NRA Justice

It takes a Joseph Heller or a Jonathan Swift to capture the craziness of the NRA.

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Narrative Drama, Key to Good Teaching

To teach your discipline, turn to compelling narratives.

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My Heart Leapt Up

A rainbow sighting led to a discussion about how humans often turn to nature for guiding metaphors.

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Jane Austen Has Something for Everyone

No two students respond to Jane Austen the same.

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The Comfort of Axe Biting into Wood

In “Tinkers,” Paul Harding talks about the spiritual meaning of the aches and pains in a cold morning.

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Ravens Say “Nevermore” to Opponents

The Baltimore Ravens may be the only professional team named after a poem. The words fit the team.

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Reading to Feel Accepted in a Strange Land

Last year, when the book discussion group that I moderate was participating in America’s Big Read program, I was referred to this essay written for the occasion by the Indian-American literary critic Parul Sehgal, an editor at The New York Times Book Review. I particularly like how she describes feeling accepted by books, even though she […]

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Readers Hold the Key to a Book’s Meaning

Increasingly scholars are looking at what books do to us and what we do to books.

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“Vanity Fair” Explains AIG’s Ingratitude

AIG may join a suit against the government for the “onerous terms” of the 2008 bailout, making relevant a Thackeray portrayal of ingratitude.

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Right Wing, Incompetent Hostage Takers?

The GOP holding the debt ceiling hostage could end just as badly as the kidnapping plot in “Ransom of Red Chief.”

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George Knightley as a GOP Moderate

Mr. Knightley chastises Emma because she undermines their class superiority. The GOP establishment is worried about something similar.

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Uncontrollable Mystery on the Bestial Floor

A Yeats poem about the Magi helps us transition out of Christmas and back into our work lives.

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If They Lose, Irish Can Turn to Poetry

Even if they lose the national championship game, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame have Ireland’s poetic legacy to fall back on.

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The Civil War Was Fueled by Poetry

Scholar Faith Barrett shows how the War between the States was a “poetry fueled war.”

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For Core Standards, More Lit, Not Less

The Common Core State Standards deemphasize literature. In fact, we need more literature taught.

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The NRA’s Modest Proposal

The NRA’s call for armed guards in every school sounds like Swift’s “Modest Proposal”–only the NRA is serious.

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A Haiku for New Year’s Perspective

Kobayashi Issa’s New Year’s Day haiku provides a healthy perspective.

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