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White Privilege Explained in Oral Poetry

Tennessee teacher Hawn was fired in part for showing a video of an oral poet reciting this poem about white privilege.

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Teachers as Literature’s Missionaries

If literature teaches foundational social values, then teachers can be seen as missionaries.

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Great Teachers Inspire Great Teachers

This being Teacher Appreciation Week, I nominate Charlotte Bronte’s Miss Temple as exemplary teacher.

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Pratchett’s Ideal Teacher

Terry Pratchett describes his ideal teacher in “Thief of Time.”

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Remembering a Favorite English Teacher

My favorite English teacher just died after years of Alzheimer’s. I share the epitaph from Gray’s “Country Churchyard,” which he introduced me to.

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Read Your Children Poetry

A middle school teacher describes how he starts every class with a poem. Also, a note on school shootings, this one at a local high school.

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Graded Essays Are Like Chopped Wood

If you are a teacher swamped by end-of-term essays, Frost’s “Woodpile” has some good advice for you.

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Recovering from the Semester

After an exhausting semester, I feel like Tennyson’s Arthur after his final battle. I’m spending my winter break with my wife and my mother in Sewanee, Tennessee, my version of Avalon.

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School under the Sea: Reeling, Writhing…

To welcome teachers and students back to school, here’s a description of education under the sea, as experienced by Lewis Carroll’s Gryphon and Mock Turtle.

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