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Putin Quoting Tolstoy? Puleeze!

Putin claimed to quote Tolstoy but didn’t in his meeting with Biden. What he says is reminiscent of Flannery O’Connor’s Misfit, however.

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Is GOP a Death Cult? Ask Tolstoy

Has the GOP become a death cult. Tolstoy’s description of suicidal behavior from Napoleon’s soldiers suggests yes.

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Russian Lit and Moscow’s Gentleman

Towles’s “Gentleman in Moscow” is filled with allusions to Russian poets and fiction writers.

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Tolstoy on Suicidal Cult Followers

Why do so many Trump supporters deliberately court coronavirus? Why do Napoleon’s soldiers in “War and Peace” throw themselves into a river to impress him.

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Brown’s Populism Comes from Tolstoy

Friday While I don’t yet know whom I will be supporting for the 2020 Democratic nominee for president—I very much like the women who have declared so far—I have a soft spot for Ohio’s Sherrod Brown. Brown, whose working class sympathies helped him comfortably win reelection in a red state, just made his case stronger […]

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H. W. Bush’s “War and Peace” Lessons

“War and Peace” was the late H. W. Bush’s favorite novel. Perhaps he imitated Gen. Kutuzov by withdrawing from Iraq after winning.

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Read to Resist: An Introduction

Thursday I share today the introduction to my upcoming book, which is still in draft form and whose title I keep changing. Latest title: Read to Resist: Classic Lit Provides Tools for Battling Trump and Trumpism. I’m still not entirely satisfied with that and so will keep tinkering. In any event, here’s my first attempt […]

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“Anna Karenina” Saves a Prisoner’s Life

In an inspiring podcast, “Rough Translation” recounts how “Anna Karenina,” tapped out in morse code, saved a Somali political prisoner from madness.

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Tolstoy: For Happiness, Love & Sacrifice

In “The Cossacks,” a dissipated young man finds spiritual meaning when he journeys to the Caucasus.

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