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Vax Resisters and…Wuthering Heights (?!)

Could “anticipated regret” account for much vaccine hesitancy. I try applying the concept to “Wuthering Heights.”

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Move Past Trump, Embrace the Morning

Life after Trump could be like emerging from an abusive relationship. Emily Bronte concludes “Wuthering Heights” with a useful image.

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Emily Bronte on Forgiveness

Jesus’s warning to those who refuse to forgive finds powerful articulation in “Wuthering Heights.”

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A Final Resting Place on the Shore

Friday Yesterday Julia and I buried the ashes of writer Rachel Kranz, a dear friend who died a year ago. Her remains were divided between three who were close to her, and I chose to bury those allotted to me on the shore of Lake Eva, which sits on the edge of a bluff in […]

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Poetry: Sure Solacer of Human Cares

For those trapped in gloom, Emily Bronte reminds us that the Imagination is there to provide us with solace.

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Forgive 77 Times–and Don’t Stop There

Emily Bronte explores Jesus’s injunction to forgive seventy seven times.

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Eric Cantor and Famous Literary Sneers

If you’ve been paying any attention to America’s budget battles, you know that Congressional Republicans are currently engaged in a dangerous game of chicken with President Obama over raising the debt ceiling. Today’s post on the subject features a parallel with Macbeth and a glance at famous literary sneers.

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No Coward Soul Is Mine

  Here is a resolute poem of faith in the face of death by Emily Bronte, who I wrote on this past week.  When she died three years after composing it, she did so with a fortitude that showed that she wasn’t just spinning words.  Perhaps it can fortify others going through tragedy and loss. […]

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A True Poem about the End of Grieving

In addition to my regular classes, I am also teaching a course on novels by Charlotte, Anne, and Emily Bronte at a local retirement center. The class has 15 students, all of them women, and I began it with several poems by Emily Bronte, the best poet of the sisters. A lyric about grieving hit […]

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