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The GOP’s Trojan Horse: A Coup Attempt?

The Trojans, thinking the Greeks have left, let their guard down. Are Democrats being overly complacent about the prospect of a GOP coup?

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GOP’s New Math: 2 + 2 = 5

Now even Republicans are citing 1984 in response to Trump’s claims of voter fraud.

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Is a Fair Election Fight Still Possible?

“Prince Caspian” has a fight that foregrounds the issues the U.S. confronts regarding free and fair elections.

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Lord, How This World Is Given to Lying

Trump’s big lie about winning in 2020, which has become gospel in certain GOP circles, brings to mind Falstaff’s lying.

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Hugo on a Nation Catching Its Breath

In “Les Miserables,” Hugo says France needed a period of quiet following the rambunctious Napoleonic years. Sounds familiar.

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Trump Resembles Dante’s Corrupt Popes

Trump’s resemblance to Antipope Benedict XIII spells trouble for America’s immediate future. We’ve already seen his resemblance to Dante’s Boniface VIII.

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Hawthorne Understood Mobs

Hawthorne writes about the kind of mob that invaded the U.S. Capitol in “My Kinsman, Major Molineux.”

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Dante on Life beyond Resentment

The envious in Dante’s “Purgatorio” shows that one can move past one’s resentments–important for the Biden administration to know.

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When Hate Groups Devour Their Own

Conspiratorial hate is feeding on itself. Toni Morrison and Joyce Carol Oates both describe the process.

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