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Mentor: Rare for Sons to Be Like Fathers

Homer explores the difficulty of a young man living up to his famous father. It’s a problem that continues with fathers and sons.

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Federer and Father Time

In which I compare Federer’s upset loss to the final stage of an up and down disease, such as that described in Turgenev’s “Fathers and Sons.”

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Homage to My Father, a Reader

Friday Tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of my father’s death. To remember him, I share one of his poems about reading. My father read to my brothers and me virtually every night when we were growing up, passing along a passion that became our own. In “The Retiring Candle,” he imagines an introverted candle retreating […]

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Loud Sneezes, a Sign from the Gods

My loud sneezes, according to Homer, as a sign from the gods.

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Remembering a Father’s Tenderness

In this poem about his father, Li-Young Lee remembers a tender moment that has led to his own tenderness as an adult.

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Great Political Novels Not Agenda Driven

Great political novels are rich in spiritual attitude. Poor ones are agenda driven.

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Sons Must Kill Their Fathers, Alas

There’s is no easy way for son’s to find their identities apart from their fathers, but they have no choice but to try.

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The Greatest Generation’s Citizen Kane

Charlie Kane sold to a bank  Film Friday Several weeks ago I wrote about the impact that the movie Citizen Kane had on my father in the months before he was drafted into the army in 1942. I was so fascinated by his response that I collaborated with him on an article about what Citizen […]

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My Three Sons and the Mystic Power of 3

  Yesterday I was talking to my wife about our children—who, at 27 and 25, I admit are no longer children.  Being the proud parents that we are, we were noting with wonder how they are identifying their gifts, building upon their strengths, and developing into fully self-actualized human beings.  As we talked, however, we […]

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