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Frozen in the Ice of Indifference

The difference between politicians who care and those who don’t is the difference between Dante’s Purgatory and Inferno.

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Eternally Damned after Reading a Book

In which I compare Austen’s Marianne and Willoughby to Dante’s Paulo and Francesca.

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Will Trump Pay? Literature Is Unsure

Will Trump escape all accountability? Literature weighs in.

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The Sexual Politics of Circe-Odysseus

Miller’s novel “Circe” engages with a long tradition of Circe and Odysseus depictions, including those of Homer, Virgil, Euripides, Sophocles, Dante, Tennyson, and Atwood.

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Inferno’s Ditch Reserved for Mitch

Republicans enabling Trump in his attempts to subvert the 2020 election have a special place reserved from them in Dante’s Inferno: Circle 8, Bolgia 8.

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Do Not Let Your Anger Drown You

Many Trump supporters are consumed by anger. Dante shows how they construct their own hells in the process.

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Trump as a Gibbering Ice Giant

For those expecting a coherent debate out of Trump tonight, check out the ice giant Nimrod in Dante’s “Inferno.” We can expect the same incoherence from the president.

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The Dark World of the Suicidal

The suicide della Vigna in Dante’s Wood of Suicides is a noble man who, however, has lost touch with God.

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Does Lit Lead to Illicit Sex?

Dante’s beautifully tragic account of Paolo and Francesca captures–as many great works do–the dangers of total absorption in a relationship.

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