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Connecticut Yankee in Northern Syria

Trump empty threats in the middle East are anticipated by Mark Twain in “Connecticut Yankee.” In fact, the novel captures well our adventures in the Middle East.

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Which Literary Conman Is Trump?

To understand Trump as conman, I compare him to the King and the Duke, Mac the Knife, Melville’s Confidence Man, Satan & Iago.

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Fantasy Keeps Dreams Alive

Thursday In Monday’s and Tuesday’s posts (see here and here), I laid out the outlines of my first “Wizards and Enchantresses” class, which I’m currently teaching as part of Sewanee’s Lifelong Learning Program. The first class I devoted to Merlin, the second will focus on Morgan Le Fay, the third will take up Shakespeare’s Prospero, […]

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Trump Lying, Modern Day Shout-Boasting?

Mark Twain depicts the verbal art of shout boasting. Maybe Trump operates out of this tradition.

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The Novels that Shaped John McCain

McCain’s favorite novels included “Great Gatsby,” “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” “Huckleberry Finn,” and works by Somerset Maugham. One can understand why.

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Pap Would Have Voted for Trump

“Last place aversion” accounts for white resentment of safety net programs. Huck’s father is an example of the process at work.

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Lost in a Cave

The scouts rescued from in a flooded cave bring to mind the Tom-Becky story in “Tom Sawyer.”

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My “Last Lecture”

I share here my “last lecture” from my retirement ceremony. (But rest assured: I will not be retiring from this blog.)

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Studying for Exams, Risks & Rewards

For all those cramming madly for exams, this “Tom Sawyer” episode is for you.

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