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Harris’s Literary Favs Reveal a Vibrant Soul

Kamala Harris’s favorite lit reveals a woman engaging in foundational exploration, especially regarding race and gender.

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Making Charn Great Again

How does one capture Trump’s disastrous handling of Covid? I invoke Jadis in “The Magician’s Nephew” destroying Charn.

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Enter by the Garden Gate

“Paradise Lost” and Lewis’s “Magician’s Nephew” pick up on today’s Gospel reading, where Jesus warns against false prophets.

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The World Will End in Fire AND Ice

When Frost wrote, “Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice,” it now appears (judging by Australia and Greenland) that everyone is right.

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With the Second Coming, Peaceful Animals

Spiritual Sunday Today’s gorgeous Old Testament reading (Isaiah 11:1-10), which captures the spirit of messianic hope, has images that Milton uses in Paradise Lost. While Isaiah is envisioning the coming of the Messiah, however, Milton is looking back to the world before the fall. It can be again in the future asit once was in […]

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The Temptation of the Attorney General

A legal scholar applies C. S. Lewis’s “Screwtape Letters” to AG Barr, accusing him of being a lawless legalist who embodies force without spirit.

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Verbal Combat Trumps Soft Romance

Shaw contributed some great plays to the feuding couples comedy genre, including Man and Superman and Pygmalion.

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The GOP in Trump’s Coils

Trump is like the witch in Lewis’s “Silver Chair,” casting a spell on the GOP that gets them to believe an alternative reality.

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C. S. Lewis and Trumpian Doublespeak

C. S. Lewis’s “Last Battle” shows us a forerunner to Trump in Shift the Ape, who accuses his attackers of what he himself is guilty of.

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